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Ron Chez MD, FACOG. Professor of OBGYN, Maternal and Fetal Medicine. UCLA Harbor, formerly at FSU college of Medicine, Tampa. 

As a member of a medical school faculty responsible for helping medical students, residents and physicians in practice learn about domestic violence, I found that the HITS tool is a very helpful memory aid for the health professional whose responsibility is to be aware of and inquire of all women in the office, hospital and clinic about this important medical problem. 

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Orlando Medical News

Excellent article “Physician Spotlight” showing your depth of understanding or and participation in public health and organized medicine. 
In addition, you educated the public on current issues like Zika and Amoeba.

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Date: September 17, 2016


Carol Wick Testimonial

"As someone with 25+ years experience working with survivors of abuse, one thing is clear, we need to use common, evidenced based tools. There is, in my opinion, no better tool for a first screen than the HITS. We need to make it a national standard in every doctor and therapists office." Carol Wick -My site is www.convergentnonprofit.com. 

Tracy Schott :: Producer/Director 

“When healthcare professionals see my film, they always ask about screening for intimate partner violence. The HITS tool is perfect for healthcare. It’s fast and easy to administer, and helps to start the conversation in a non-threatening way. Doctors and nurses are in a key position for preventing intimate partner homicide, but a minority regularly screen their patients for domestic violence in a way that also asks about controlling behavior. In spite of what the acronym might suggest, HITS looks beyond physical abuse to help victims recognize danger. Used faithfully, I believe that HITS will save lives!”